Sen-1Antonio Munoz (i) (D)ABDI-PAC$4,200.00JULY 26, 2017 CUBS v. WHITE SOX BASEBALL GAME
Sen-1Antonio Munoz (i) (D)ABDI-PAC$3,200.00AUG 19, 2017 BRUNO MARS CONCERT, UNITED CENTER
Sen-1Antonio Munoz (i) (D)SAM MA$2,000.00Fund raising - food
Sen-6John Cullerton (i) (D)Ameren Illinois$1,311.00Fundraising expenses
Sen-6John Cullerton (i) (D)Ameren Illinois PAC$1,149.63Fundraising expenses
Sen-6John Cullerton (i) (D)Curry & Associates LLC$1,523.00Fundraising expenses
Sen-6John Cullerton (i) (D)Waste Management$3,191.11Fundraising expenses
Sen-10John Mulroe (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors PAC$3,000.00Wrigley Field fundraiser event box share
Sen-10John Mulroe (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors PAC$1,698.79Wrigley Field event food & beverage
Sen-10John Mulroe (i) (D)CUPAC Credit Union Political Action Council$3,000.00Wrigley Field event fundraiser box share
Sen-10John Mulroe (i) (D)Illinois Insurance Political Committee$9,666.00Fundraiser Skybox Event Rental
Sen-10John Mulroe (i) (D)CUPAC Credit Union Political Action Council$1,698.79Wrigley Field event food & beverage
Sen-10John Mulroe (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors PAC$80.00Food & beverage Wrigley Field concert
Sen-11Martin Sandoval (i) (D)ASSOCIATED BEER DISTRIBUTORS OF IL$1,165.00Beverages
Sen-22Cristina Castro (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$21,989.25Production and postage
Sen-22Steve Caramelli (D)Citizens for Fred Crespo$2,227.05Mailing
Sen-22Cristina Castro (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$9,177.02Campaign staff
Sen-22Cristina Castro (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$1,529.50Campaign work
Sen-22Cristina Castro (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$17,100.00Research
Sen-22Cristina Castro (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$21,989.25Mail production & postage
Sen-22Tracy Smodilla (R)RSSCC$3,500.00Legal services
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Personal PAC$1,480.10Voter ID Calls
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Ballot Access Illinois$11,625.12Mail
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC$7,645.31Mailing
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors PAC$6,250.00Wrigley Field Jimmy Buffet Concert 7-15-2017
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$283,253.88Production & postage
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors PAC$5,003.55Fundraising expenses
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)DuPage Victory$4,644.40Mailer
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Sierra Club Illinois PAC$1,698.27Staff salary
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$69,500.00Research
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$72,874.49Media production
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Health Care Council of Illinois$4,063.80Campaign work & expenses
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Realtor PAC$1,157.25Mailing
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Comm$6,250.00Wrigley Field Jimmy Buffet Concert 7-15-2017
Sen-23Thomas Cullerton (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$22,811.82Campaign staff
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)Illinois Republican Party$123,797.00Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)Illinois Republican Party$18,224.00Design, Production, and Postage of Mail Piece
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)House Republican Organization$1,514.00Staff salaries
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)Illinois Republican Party$324,635.98Mail Design, Printing and Postage
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)RSSCC$1,453.00Consulting
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)RSSCC$11,805.48Taxes - federal
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)Illinois Republican Party$18,224.00Mail design, printing, postage
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)Citizens for Christine Radogno$1,494.00Walk Cards
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)RSSCC$11,799.62Salary
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)House Republican Organization$3,028.00Consulting
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)RSSCC$43,500.00TV Production
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)RSSCC$24,384.01Staff salaries
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)Illinois Republican Party$20,235.00Mail Design, postage and printing
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)RSSCC$17,215.00Printing
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)RSSCC$8,160.27Printing and postage
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)Illinois Republican Party$42,542.00Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Sen-23Seth Lewis (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$7,500.00Consulting
Sen-25Corinne Pierog (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$31,838.62Production & Postage
Sen-25Corinne Pierog (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$14,361.71Campaign Staff
Sen-25Corinne Pierog (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$14,000.00Research
Sen-25Jim Oberweis (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$7,595.73Ptinting & mailing
Sen-25Jim Oberweis (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$29,274.44Printing & mailing
Sen-25Jim Oberweis (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$12,355.55Printing and mailing
Sen-26Kelly Mazeski (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$6,698.62Legal Services
Sen-26Kelly Mazeski (D)Personal PAC$1,919.60Voter Contact
Sen-26Kelly Mazeski (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$8,220.99Campaign Staff
Sen-26Kelly Mazeski (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$182,742.60Production and Postage
Sen-26Kelly Mazeski (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$8,445.00Media Production
Sen-26Dan McConchie (R)Lake County Republican Central Committee$1,217.88Phones
Sen-26Dan McConchie (R)Illinois Republican Party$80,908.44Mailing
Sen-27Matt Murphy (i) (R)Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc$2,243.47Cost of suite and food at Cubs game for fundraiser
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$1,572.60Phones
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$14,514.51Campaign staff
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Personal PAC$3,181.60Voter contact
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$20,212.42Production
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$304,844.37Production and postage
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Thomas McGuire$2,000.00Event cost
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$12,231.52Printing and postage
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$1,303.96Photography
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$21,700.00Research
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$9,352.50Media production
Sen-28Laura Murphy (i) (D)Health Care Council of Illinois PAC$1,169.46Campaign work and expenses
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)Illinois Republican Party$16,107.07Mailing
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)RSSCC$7,751.32Payroll Taxes
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$2,605.01Mailing
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)RSSCC$2,325.00Printing
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.06Sign Printing
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)Schaumburg Township Repub. Org.$1,498.75Printing and Design
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)RSSCC$2,085.00Graphic Design
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)RSSCC$39,667.09Staff salaries
Sen-28Mel Thillens (R)Illinois Republican Party$24,363.20Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Sen-29Julie Morrison (i) (D)Andrew Thode$2,266.33Campaign staff salary
Sen-29Julie Morrison (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$9,066.53Staff salaries
Sen-29Julie Morrison (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$9,066.54Campaign Staff
Sen-29Julie Morrison (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$4,533.27Staff salary
Sen-29Julie Morrison (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$172,299.26Production & Postage
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$34,000.00Research
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$17,415.66Campaign staff
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Sierra Club, IL Chapter$3,139.70Staff Salary & Expenses
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Illinois AFL-CIO$1,360.06Door Hangers
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Health Care Council of Illinois$1,372.08Campaign Work & Expenses
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Illinois AFL-CIO$1,042.00Phone Canvass
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$58,460.23Media production
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)AFSCME Council 31 PAC$4,050.00Campaign Work
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)IL Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR$1,216.30Postage & Mailing
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$320,393.16Production & Postage
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Personal PAC$2,313.50Voter ID Calls
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Sierra Club, IL Chapter$1,509.95Printing & Postage
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Planned Parenthood Illinois Action$11,257.71Mail
Sen-31Melinda Bush (i) (D)Sierra Club, IL Chapter$1,612.88Staff Salary
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)RSSCC$9,794.00Taxes - federal
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)Illinois Republican Party$43,766.00Mail, Design, Printing, & Postage
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$8,338.54Mailing
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)RSSCC$22,500.00TV Production
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)RSSCC$33,497.41Staff salaries
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.06Sign Printing
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)RSSCC$1,200.00Photos
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)PAL-PAC$1,152.00Media - radio
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)House Republican Organization$3,748.00Staff salaries
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)Illinois Republican Party$205,926.00Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)RSSCC$3,636.50Salary
Sen-31Mike Amrozowicz (R)PAL-PAC$1,280.00Media - television
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Althoff & Associates Ltd.$1,800.00Office Space for Campaign HQ
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)A.B.D.I./PAC$2,250.00Skybox tickets for September 2017 Western Open
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Republican State Senate Campaign$1,005.02Taxes for campaign work
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Republican State Senate Campaign$1,524.82Salary for campaign work
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Illinois BankPac - State Fund$2,250.00BMW Western Open skybox
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Republican State Senate Campaign$7,624.13Salary
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Republican State Senate Campaign$1,002.52Staff insurance
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$42,820.41Mail Design Printing and Postage
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Waste Management of Illinois$3,152.07Food beverage and tickets
Sen-32Pamela Althoff (i) (R)Republican State Senate Campaign$1,524.82Campaign work salary
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$4,198.21Campaign work
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$8,572.50Media Production
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Personal PAC$18,323.30Voter ID Phone Calls
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$18,500.00Research
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$1,330.00Photography
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Personal PAC$1,896.80Voter contact
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$25,710.54Campaign staff
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$89,050.12Mail production & postage
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC$13,367.37Mail
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Illinois AFL-CIO$1,360.06Door hangers
Sen-38Christine Benson (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$220,346.08Mail production and postage
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$20,003.00mail desigh printing and postage
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$16,856.95postage/printing
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$1,027.00taxes
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)Associated Beer Distributors of IL PAC$2,250.00Event space for fundraiser
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)Rachel Bold$1,210.00salary
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.06sign painting
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$18,797.39taxes multiple staff
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$7,143.05printing/postage
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$2,559.00printing
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR PAC$1,784.36POSTAGE AND MAILING
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$4,162.00rent
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$3,828.68staff insurance
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$2,339.96taxes - multiple staff
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$2,969.32tases multiple staff
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$43,713.82salary
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$15,000.00TV Production
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$20,003.00mail design printing postage
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)Illinois BANKPAC$2,250.00Event space for fundraiser
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)RSSCC$2,296.42taxes-multiple staff
Sen-38Sue Rezin (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$74,838.00mail design printing and postage
Sen-39Don Harmon (i) (D)John C. Corrigan$1,441.41Food and beverage for fundraiser
Sen-39Don Harmon (i) (D)John Corrigan & Associates$1,104.86Event food and beverage
Sen-39Don Harmon (i) (D)Aileron Communications$1,104.86Fundraising expense
Sen-39Don Harmon (i) (D)Illinois Bank PAC$1,953.13Food for a fundraiser
Sen-39Don Harmon (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Committee$3,125.00Fundraising expense
Sen-39Don Harmon (i) (D)US Cellular$1,794.00Venue for event
Sen-39Don Harmon (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois PAC$3,125.00Fundraising expense
Sen-40Toi Hutchinson (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois PAC$9,900.00August 18, 2017 Bruno Mars Concert, United Center
Sen-41Christine Radogno (i) (R)Credit Union PAC$5,737.501/2 suite rental for fundraiser
Sen-41Christine Radogno (i) (R)Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$5,737.501/2 suite rental for fundraiser
Sen-47Jil Tracy (R)Republican State Senate Campaign Committee$11,712.16Stipend
Sen-48Andy Manar (i) (D)Foresight Energy Services$2,213.75Food donation
Sen-48Andy Manar (i) (D)Illinois AFL-CIO$1,680.00Office space
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Joliet Firefighters Local 44 PAC$31,990.00Predictive dialer
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Illinois State AFL-CIO$1,496.05Door hangers
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Realtor PAC$1,163.04Mailer
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$14,485.50Campaign staff
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$36,600.00Research
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)AFSCME Illinois Council 31$3,480.00GOTV and Election Day work
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Illinois State AFL-CIO$1,376.00Phone canvass
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR$1,017.19Postage and mailing expense
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$19,625.74Production
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Personal PAC$1,185.60Voter contact
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$39,097.28Media production
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC$13,091.86Mail
Sen-49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$303,011.84Production and postage
Sen-49Michelle Smith (R)RSSCC$3,591.00Printing
Sen-49Michelle Smith (R)Illinois Republican Party$330,829.00Mail Design, Printing and Postage
Sen-49Michelle Smith (R)RSSCC$2,563.89Salaries
Sen-49Michelle Smith (R)RSSCC$30,528.58TV Production
Sen-49Michelle Smith (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.06Signs
Sen-49Michelle Smith (R)Illinois Republican Party$17,065.82Mail Design, Printing, Postage
Sen-49Michelle Smith (R)RSSCC$25,888.60Salary
Sen-49Michelle Smith (R)Illinois Republican Party$184,048.23Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Sen-50Sam McCann (i) (R)I.P.A.C.E.$9,980.15Automated calls Invoice 2335
Sen-50Sam McCann (i) (R)SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC$4,750.00ad
Sen-51Chapin Rose (i) (R)SKEFF DISTRIBUTING$1,147.53Table/Chair Rental
Sen-51Chapin Rose (i) (R)Kam's$1,260.00Catering
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$2,328.80Campaign work
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Personal PAC$10,780.12Voter ID Phone Calls
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$21,700.00Research
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$2,885.96Photography
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Personal PAC$1,185.00Staff salary
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$21,110.01Campaign staff
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$163,150.47Mail production and postage
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$8,300.00Media Production
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator$1,407.60Radio ads
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Illinois State AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education$1,080.00Phone canvas
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Personal PAC$1,832.80Voter contact
Sen-52Scott Bennett (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$20,760.61Production
Sen-52Mike Madigan (R)Hickory River Urbana Inc.$1,670.58Catering
Sen-52Mike Madigan (R)Dave & Toni Stone$1,725.00Fund raising - food
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$27,530.72Campaign Staff
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Personal PAC$4,937.10Voter ID Phone Calls
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)SEIU HealthCare IN IL PAC$2,800.00Canvassing
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$1,887.42Photography
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)UFCW Local 881$1,360.55Canvass
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Illinois State AFL-CIO$1,360.06Door hangers
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$123,856.26Production and postage
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Planned Parenthood of Illinois Action PAC$9,992.31Mail
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$192,919.88Production & Postage
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Personal PAC$16,010.57Voter ID Calls
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$22,581.64Media production
Sen-58Sheila Simon (D)Illinois State AFL-CIO$1,376.00Phone canvass
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)Illinois Republican Party$169,480.74Mailing
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)RSSCC$7,223.52Staff salaries
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)RSSCC$10,892.69Taxes - federal
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)Illinois Republican Party$7,246.20Mail design, printing & postage
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)RSSCC$3,112.05Taxes - multiple staff
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)RSSCC$1,529.42Taxes-multiple staff
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)James Wesbecher$1,013.79Fund raising - food
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)RSSCC$37,564.52Salary
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.07Signs
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)House Republican Organization$1,456.50Payroll
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)RSSCC$35,697.63TV Production
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator Political Involvement Fund$6,490.37Mailing
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)House Republican Organization$2,912.99Staff salaries
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)Illinois Republican Party$41,952.30Mail design, printing, and postage
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)Illinois Republican Party$12,377.04Utilities
Sen-58Paul Schimpf (R)RSSCC$2,957.28Consulting
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Committee$2,669.16Partial suite rental with Smiddy for Coldplay conc
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$67,100.00Research
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$48,125.00Production & postage
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Stand for Children Illinois PAC$1,749.00Staff time and expenses through 11/8/16
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator$14,597.70Radio ads
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Illinois Retired Teachers Association$2,669.16Partial suite rental with Smuiddy for Coldplay con
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois Political Action Comm.$2,807.50Suite for St. Louis Blues playoff game
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Kevin W. Reimer Trust$1,721.74Food and beverages
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Committee$1,700.01Food & beverage joint with Smiddy for Coldplay Con
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Health Care Council of Illinois Political Action Committee$1,889.78Service, mileage, and meals
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$18,661.55Campaign staff
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$124,509.54Production
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$37,530.00Media production
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Walkers Bluff LLC$1,799.73Fundraiser expenses
Sen-59Gary Forby (i) (D)Senate Democratic Victory Fund$2,083.33Campaign work
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)House Republican Organization$3,937.48Staff salaries
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$14,111.50Media - production
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)Illinois Republican Party$114,316.62Graphic Design, Printing, Mailing, Postage
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$3,088.72Consulting
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)Illinois Republican Party$15,187.38Graphic Design, Printing, Mailing, and Postage
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)Z & G Holdings, LLC$8,834.00Headquarters rent
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$4,000.00Lodging - staff
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$4,823.37Insurance
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$3,000.00Phone bank
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$104,344.50Media - tv production
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$64,325.85Staff salaries
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$25,747.47Taxes - federal
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)RSSCC$113,753.50Advertising - television
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)Tri-State Business Equipment, Inc.$1,750.00Computer - printer
Sen-59Dale Fowler (R)Illinois Republican Party$220,443.77Graphic Design, Printing, Mailing, & Postage
Rep-2Theresa Mah (D)American Zhongshan Assoc. of Commerce$3,000.00Food
Rep-2Theresa Mah (D)Chin, R. M. & Assoc$1,600.00Fund raising - food
Rep-2Theresa Mah (D)Raymond & Ellen Mah$2,000.00Food
Rep-2Theresa Mah (D)Joe Cacciatore$7,000.00Fund raising - hall rental
Rep-2Theresa Mah (D)New Asia Chinese Restaurant$3,850.00Food
Rep-2Theresa Mah (D)New Furama Restaurant$5,280.00Fund raising - food
Rep-2Theresa Mah (D)Claude Ohanesian$1,686.58Fund raising - food
Rep-4Cynthia Soto (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-10Melissa Conyears (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-11Ann Williams (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$3,907.33Printing
Rep-11Ann Williams (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$5,461.93Postage
Rep-11Ann Williams (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-12Sara Feigenholtz (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$7,560.00Suite for game/event
Rep-12Sara Feigenholtz (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$3,093.65Printing
Rep-12Sara Feigenholtz (i) (D)Credit Union PAC$7,560.00Suite for game/event
Rep-12Sara Feigenholtz (i) (D)PJ Wells Inc., DBA O'Briens$2,152.00Food & drink for event
Rep-12Sara Feigenholtz (i) (D)Superior Ambulance PAC$2,192.00Game, Food & Drink
Rep-12Sara Feigenholtz (i) (D)Planned Parenthood of Illinois Action PAC$4,220.24Mail
Rep-14Kelly Cassidy (i) (D)McGuireWoods$1,250.19Event food and drink
Rep-14Kelly Cassidy (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Vote Builder
Rep-14Kelly Cassidy (i) (D)Credit Union PAC$6,665.20Tickets
Rep-15John D'Amico (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-15John D'Amico (i) (D)Democratic Party of IL$9,709.66Printing
Rep-15John D'Amico (i) (D)Democratic Party of IL$12,756.27Postage
Rep-16Lou Lang (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-16Lou Lang (i) (D)Jaime McDaniel$1,500.003 nights lodging
Rep-17Laura Fine (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-18Robyn Gabel (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Voter file
Rep-18Robyn Gabel (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$7,082.28Printing
Rep-18Robyn Gabel (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$11,963.87Postage
Rep-18Jessica Tucker (R)House Republican Organization$3,000.00Printing
Rep-18Jessica Tucker (R)House Republican Organization$3,000.00Intern Program
Rep-18Jessica Tucker (R)House Republican Organization$3,960.00Media Buy
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)Democratic Majority$58,500.00Polling
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)Personal PAC$3,523.40Voter ID calls
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)Personal PAC$1,100.00GoTV List Rental
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$103,882.78Printing
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)Democratic Majority$22,454.38Payroll
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)AFSCME Illinois Council 31$7,150.00GoTV
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC$1,680.40Staffing
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$126,678.20Postage
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC$23,529.21Mail
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)Personal PAC$1,439.20Voter Contact
Rep-20Merry Marwig (D)Democratic Majority$1,360.00Per diem
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$18,137.03Mail Desgin & Printing
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)Citizens For Durkin$50,207.27Printing & Mailing
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$42,711.68Mail Design Printing & Postage
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,095.00Advocacy Calls
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)Citizens For Durkin$119,575.73Printing
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,557.12Insurance-Dropka
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)CUPAC$3,925.00Cosponsor suite with ABDI Blackhawks Vs Blues Game
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$233,447.20Mail Design & Printing
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website Design
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)House Republican Organization$15,478.12Printing
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)House Republican Organization$36,000.00Production
Rep-20Michael McAuliffe (i) (R)House Republican Organization$41,575.93Payroll
Rep-21Silvana Tabares (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-22Michael Madigan (i) (D)Diageo North America, Inc.$1,315.50Event catering
Rep-22Michael Madigan (i) (D)Jeff Glass$1,830.00Catering and Event Fees
Rep-22Michael Madigan (i) (D)Alfred Ronan$1,830.00Catering and Event Fees
Rep-22Michael Madigan (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-23Michael Zalewski (i) (D)Waste Management of Illinois, Inc.$1,889.49Food, beverages and tickets
Rep-23Michael Zalewski (i) (D)Waste Management of Illinois, Inc.$3,495.72Food, beverage and tickets
Rep-24Lisa Hernandez (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$3,288.17Postage
Rep-24Lisa Hernandez (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$5,385.06Printing
Rep-24Andy Kirchoff (R)House Republican Organization$3,000.00Advertising - Digital
Rep-24Andy Kirchoff (R)House Republican Organization$1,752.73Printing
Rep-26Christian Mitchell (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$1,500.00Website
Rep-28Robert Rita (i) (D)Superior Ambulance Svc.$1,233.31Food/Drink/Suite Chicago White Sox game
Rep-28Robert Rita (i) (D)Waste Management of Illinois, Inc.$3,155.44Food,Beverage & Tickets
Rep-28Robert Rita (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-28Robert Rita (i) (D)John O'Connell$3,626.17Golf/Food/Drink fundraiser golf outing
Rep-29Thaddeus Jones (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Vote-builder
Rep-31Mary Flowers (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-32Andre Thapedi (i) (D)Alden Network$1,000.00Fund raising - food
Rep-33Marcus Evans (i) (D)The Roosevelt Group$1,500.00Venue and Catering Food
Rep-35Frances Ann Hurley (i) (D)US Postmaster$11,613.33Postage
Rep-35Frances Ann Hurley (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Computer - software
Rep-35Frances Ann Hurley (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$4,636.65Postage
Rep-35Frances Ann Hurley (i) (D)Frye-Williamson Press$10,684.50Printing
Rep-36Kelly Burke (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Vote Builder
Rep-37Margo McDermed (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$7,790.74Mail design, printing and postage
Rep-38Al Riley (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-40Jaime Andrade (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-43Anna Moeller (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-44Fred Crespo (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$28,155.20Printing
Rep-44Fred Crespo (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$35,008.13Postage
Rep-44Katy Dolan Baumer (R)House Republican Organization$2,000.00Signs
Rep-44Katy Dolan Baumer (R)House Republican Organization$9,150.00Printing
Rep-44Katy Dolan Baumer (R)Illinois Republican Party$9,743.10Printing & Production Services
Rep-44Katy Dolan Baumer (R)House Republican Organization$4,120.00Intern Program
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$100,811.12Printing
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)Democratic Majority$2,380.00Per Diem
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)42nd Ward Democratic Org.$1,290.00Phone bank
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)Democratic Majority$21,063.77Payroll
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC$22,942.74Mail
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)Personal PAC$1,100.00GoTV List Rental
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$116,525.97Postage
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)Democratic Majority$58,500.00Polling
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)Planned Parenthood Action PAC$3,914.92Mailing
Rep-45Cynthia Borbas (D)Personal PAC$1,267.20Voter contact
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$37,871.75Payroll
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$14,563.00Printing
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$4,203.68Research Consulting
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$14,822.66Printing & Mailing
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website Design
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$27,000.00Production
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$7,657.79TV Production
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$461,410.68Mailing
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$5,186.00Intern Program
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$7,860.00Media Buy
Rep-45Christine Winger (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,250.00Consulting
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Personal PAC$1,111.60Voter contact
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Democratic Majority$22,646.12Payroll
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Sierra Club IL Chapter PAC$2,182.14Staff salary
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Democratic Majority$11,000.00Polling
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)AFSCME Poliltical Contribution Committee$5,040.00GoTV and Election day work
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$88,817.49Printing
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Democratic Majority$3,570.00Per diem
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Planned Parenthood Illinois Action Pac$3,730.39Mailing
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$110,137.59Postage
Rep-46Deborah Conroy (i) (D)Personal PAC$1,668.40Voter id calls
Rep-46Heidi Holan (R)House Republican Organization$42,573.69Printing
Rep-46Heidi Holan (R)House Republican Organization$7,015.39Advertising - television
Rep-46Heidi Holan (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$4,852.54Mailing
Rep-46Heidi Holan (R)Get Illinois Right PAC$1,081.75Printing
Rep-46Heidi Holan (R)Illinois Republican Party$26,658.00Mailing
Rep-46Heidi Holan (R)House Republican Organization$8,687.50Intern Program
Rep-46Heidi Holan (R)Illinois Citizens for Ethics$2,312.56Mailing
Rep-46Heidi Holan (R)House Republican Organization$6,646.68Payroll
Rep-47Patricia Bellock (i) (R)House Republican Organization$18,206.68Printing and mailing of flyers
Rep-48Peter Breen (i) (R)Waste Management of Illinois$1,034.50Fund raising - entertainment
Rep-48Peter Breen (i) (R)House Republican Organization$14,050.00Printing
Rep-48Peter Breen (i) (R)House Republican Organization$3,526.48Advocacy calls
Rep-49Mike Forntner (i) (R)Waste Management of Illinois$1,034.50Fund raising - food, Beverage, Tickets
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Personal PAC$2,560.74Robo calls
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$3,548.97Mileage
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Democratic Majority$12,473.38Payroll
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Planned Parenthood IllinoisAction PAC$3,246.16Mailing
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$52,566.60Printing
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Personal PAC$2,840.25Phone bank
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,190.00Per diem
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$66,078.82Postage
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Democratic Majority$2,390.50Staff salaries
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Democratic Majority$8,668.80Insurance
Rep-55Martin Moylan (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder software
Rep-55Dan Gott (R)Republicans of Maine Township$1,050.00Printing of Yard Signs
Rep-56Michelle Mussman (i) (D)Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC$3,453.79Mailing
Rep-56Michelle Mussman (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-56Michelle Mussman (i) (D)Democratic Majority$23,265.39Payroll
Rep-56Michelle Mussman (i) (D)Personal PAC$6,088.19Voter id calling
Rep-56Michelle Mussman (i) (D)Sierra Club, IL Chapter PAC$2,491.25Staff salary
Rep-56Michelle Mussman (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$79,273.31Printing
Rep-56Michelle Mussman (i) (D)Democratic Majority$2,380.00Per diem
Rep-56Michelle Mussman (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$97,456.48Postage
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)Schaumburg Township Republican Organization$1,498.75Printing and Design
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)House Republican Organization$12,118.46Payroll
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)House Republican Organization$1,040.00Intern Program
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)Formstech, Inc$1,110.01Mail
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)House Republican Organization$1,346.49Staff salaries
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)Illinois Republican Party$10,523.00Mail, Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)Illinois Republican Party$10,523.00Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)House Republican Organization$20,000.00Production
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$1,495.00Mailing
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$4,125.00Rent
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)Illinois Republican Party$63,138.00Mail Design, Printing and Postage
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)Illinois Republican Party$21,046.00Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Rep-56Jillian Bernas (R)House Republican Organization$2,068.00Printing
Rep-57Elaine Nekritz (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-58Scott Drury (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-58Marty Blumenthal (R)Illinois Republican Party$5,711.40Mailing
Rep-59Carol Sente (i) (D)Democratic Majority$23,000.00Polling
Rep-59Carol Sente (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$61,837.30Printing
Rep-59Carol Sente (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$70,931.67Postage
Rep-59Dawn Abernathy (R)Illinois Republican Party$20,957.04Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Rep-59Dawn Abernathy (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$3,105.54Mail - Law Enforcement
Rep-59Dawn Abernathy (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$5,565.00Mailing
Rep-59Dawn Abernathy (R)Illinois Liberty PAC$4,314.05Mail
Rep-59Dawn Abernathy (R)House Republican Organization$3,062.50Intern Program
Rep-59Dawn Abernathy (R)House Republican Organization$1,907.00Payroll
Rep-60Rita Mayfield (i) (D)Democratice Majority$1,500.00Voter tapes
Rep-61Nick Ciko (D)Pat Ciko$1,088.73Yard signs
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,900.00Photography
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Web design
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.06Signs & Printing
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$11,301.18Printing mailing and design
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$8,440.00Mial Design and printing
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$32,250.65Payroll
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$231,166.00Sys 5553 4086
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$46,224.00Mail and Printing
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,894.62Mailing printing and design
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,750.00Op Research
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$12,685.54Printing & Mailing
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$82,928.16Mail Design and Printing
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$5,684.00Intern program
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$57,791.50Sys5553 4086
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)House Republican Organization$23,000.00Production
Rep-61Sheri Jesiel (i) (R)Health Care Council of Illinois PAC$1,677.72Campaign work
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$91,105.78Printing
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Democratic Majority$12,000.00Research
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)PERSONAL PAC$1,478.00Voter contact
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Democratic Majority$2,380.00Per diem
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$110,774.52Postage
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Democratic Majority$14,498.57Payroll
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Sierra Club IL Chapter PAC$1,350.27Postage
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)PERSONAL PAC$1,100.00Phone List
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Software
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Democratic Majority$14,837.38Staff salaries
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Steven Thomas$1,372.79Staff salaries
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Sierra Club IL Chapter PAC$3,477.22Staff
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$22,000.00Polling
Rep-62Sam Yingling (i) (D)Planned Parenthood Illinois PAC$3,192.94Mailing
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)House Republican Organization$197,863.00Sys 1863, 0573, 4088, 4089
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)House Republican Organization$25,874.38TV production
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)House Republican Organization$61,871.00Production
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)House Republican Organization$3,830.00Payroll
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)Illinois Republican Party$95,781.00Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.07Sign printing
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)Illinois Republican Party$106,344.00Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)House Republican Organization$15,901.47Staff salaries
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)Illinois Republican Party$62,913.00Mail design, printing and postage
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)House Republican Organization$7,200.00Intern program
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)House Republican Organization$132,517.00Mail Design, Printing and Postage
Rep-62Rod Drobinski (R)House Republican Organization$6,018.00Printing
Rep-63John Bartman (D)Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR Fund$9,136.45Mailing
Rep-63John Bartman (D)Personal PAC Independent Expenditure Committee$2,326.35Mailing
Rep-63Jack Franks (i) (D)Realtor Political Action Committee$1,325.39Mailing
Rep-63John Bartman (D)International Union Operating Engineers 150-PAC$1,595.00Signs
Rep-63John Bartman (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$11,081.25Printing
Rep-63Jack Franks (i) (D)42nd Ward Democratic Org$13,651.50Phone bank
Rep-63Jack Franks (i) (D)Personal Pac$5,218.10Voter ID Calling
Rep-63John Bartman (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$48,174.17Postage
Rep-63John Bartman (D)Personal PAC Independent Expenditure Committee$19,978.41Printing and Postage
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$26,428.00Media - radio
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$1,250.00Consulting
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$1,300.00Photography
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$7,518.53Advertising - newspaper
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$8,220.28Advocacy Calls
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$8,588.66Mailing
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$151,640.00Media - television
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)Illinois Republican Party$4,203.68Consulting
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$6,150.00Production
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$5,000.00Intern Program
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$2,997.12Insurance
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$6,853.04Media - production
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)Illinois Republican Party$67,795.07Mailing
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$10,910.00Billboard
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$28,940.08Staff salaries
Rep-63Steven Reick (R)House Republican Organization$188,922.57Printing
Rep-64Barbara Wheeler (i) (R)Volo Auto Museum$1,500.00Fund raising - entertainment
Rep-66Nancy Zettler (D)Al Brennan$1,100.00Fundraising catering costs
Rep-66Allen Skillicorn (R)House Republican Organization$78,766.70Printing
Rep-66Allen Skillicorn (R)House Republican Organization$14,113.24Mailing
Rep-66Allen Skillicorn (R)House Republican Organization$1,763.54Consulting
Rep-66Allen Skillicorn (R)House Republican Organization$2,880.46Advocacy calls
Rep-66Allen Skillicorn (R)House Republican Organization$4,000.00Intern Program
Rep-68Tricia Cratty Sweeney (D)Personal PAC$2,000.00Polling
Rep-68Tricia Cratty Sweeney (D)AFSCME Council No. 31$9,430.00GOTV and ElectionDay Work
Rep-68Tricia Cratty Sweeney (D)Endgebrook Limited Partners$1,125.00Office space
Rep-68Tricia Cratty Sweeney (D)AFSCME Council No. 31$2,500.00Election Volunteers
Rep-68Tricia Cratty Sweeney (D)Personal PAC$4,224.50Voter ID calling
Rep-68Tricia Cratty Sweeney (D)Cherry Valley Sign Co.$4,400.00Sign
Rep-68John Cabello (i) (R)House Republican Organization$9,965.00Media - radio
Rep-68John Cabello (i) (R)House Republican Organization$24,000.00Staff salaries
Rep-68John Cabello (i) (R)House Republican Organization$7,620.00Media - production
Rep-68John Cabello (i) (R)House Republican Organization$52,267.25Printing
Rep-68John Cabello (i) (R)House Republican Organization$6,000.00Advertising - radio
Rep-68John Cabello (i) (R)GIOVANNI'S INC$1,200.00Fund raising - food
Rep-68John Cabello (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,835.58Phone bank
Rep-69Angelique Bodine (D)Poon and Le, LLC$2,350.00Headquarters Office Space
Rep-69Joe Sosnowski (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,918.08Advocacy Calls
Rep-69Joe Sosnowski (i) (R)House Republican Organization$6,158.88Printing
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)AFL-CIO Cope Fund$1,496.05DOOR HANGERS
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)ILLINOIS RETIRED TEACHERS ASSOCIATION$2,669.17Suite rental (abdi & cupac)
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$2,669.17Suite rental - cold play
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF ILLINOIS$18,960.60Printing
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)Planned Parenthood Illinois PAC$5,883.94Mailing
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)Personal PAC$1,200.00GoTV LIST RENTAL
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)CUPAC$2,669.17Suite rental - coldplay concert
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF ILLINOIS$21,503.54Postage
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Council$1,700.01FOOD & BEVERAGE AT COLD PLAY CONCERT
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)AFSCME Illinois Council No. 31 PAC$8,925.00SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)Personal PAC Independent Committee$1,440.80Voter CONTACT
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY$4,352.88Payroll and insurance
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY$119,268.85PaYROLL
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)Personal PAC$7,704.14Voter id calling
Rep-71Mike Smiddy (i) (D)DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY$1,275.00Per diem
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.07Sign Printing
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$81,256.60Media Buy Sys 0092 0094
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Illinois Republican Party$29,252.32Mail Design, Printing & Postage 10/5/16
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$26,296.58Printing
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Illinois Republican Party$42,711.68Mail Design, Printing & Postage 10/27/16
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Office Machine Consultants, Inc.$4,219.38Equipment - purchase
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Total Solutions$1,579.31Fundraising Reception
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Illinois Republican Party$28,004.64Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$18,391.50Production
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Illinois Republican Party$86,824.06Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website Design
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Illinois Republican Party$28,004.64Mail Dedsign, Printing & Postage
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$2,535.00Intern Program
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Werner Angus$1,718.00Fundraising Reception
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$222,249.25Media Buy
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$1,004.49Payroll: 10-15-16
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Office Machine Consultants, Inc.$2,795.00Equipment - multi-functional copier
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$14,344.60Media Buy Sys 6805
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Illinois Republican Party$29,252.27Mail Design, Printing & Postage 10/12/16
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$90,813.44TV Production
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)Illinois Republican Party$28,061.22Mail Design, Printing & Postage: 10/25/16
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$20,099.47Payroll
Rep-71Tony McCombie (R)House Republican Organization$1,188.00Payroll 10-15-16
Rep-72Michael Halpin (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$61,660.23Printing
Rep-72Michael Halpin (D)AFSCME IL Council 31 PAC$6,060.00GOTV & Election Day Work
Rep-72Michael Halpin (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-72Michael Halpin (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$81,794.40Postage
Rep-72Michael Halpin (D)Democratic Majority$36,515.00Polling
Rep-72Michael Halpin (D)Democratic Majority$2,380.00Per Diem
Rep-72Michael Halpin (D)Democratic Majority$18,471.61Payroll
Rep-72Michael Halpin (D)Illinois State AFL-CIO, Committee on Political Education$1,496.05Door Hangers
Rep-72Brandi McGuire (R)House Republican Organization$14,042.00Staff salaries
Rep-72Brandi McGuire (R)House Republican Organization$5,040.00Intern program
Rep-72Brandi McGuire (R)Office Machine Consultants$3,700.00Office supplies
Rep-74Dan Swanson (R)House Republican Organization$36,897.88Printing
Rep-74Dan Swanson (R)VIRDI EYE CLINC$1,850.00Other services
Rep-74Dan Swanson (R)House Republican Organization$13,976.66Media - radio
Rep-74Dan Swanson (R)IFB ACTIVATOR$1,031.19Postage
Rep-74Dan Swanson (R)Office Machine Consultants$3,900.00Office equipment
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)House Republican Organization$24,246.24Printing
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$4,203.68Consulting
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.07Signs
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)House Republican Organization$12,417.60Staff salaries
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)House Republican Organization$7,878.80Media - radio
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)House Republican Organization$15,750.00Media - production
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$161,683.35Mailing
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)Citizens for Durkin$3,091.92Printing
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator$1,650.70Mailing
Rep-75David Welter (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$18,991.00Printing
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Democratic Majority$14,227.69Staff salaries
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Democratic Party of IL$4,969.65Postage
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)AFSCME Council 31 PAC$1,960.00GoTv & Election Day Work
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Democratic Majority$2,240.00Per Diem
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Operating Engineers Local 150 Local Area PAC$3,300.00Campaign Signs
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Democratic Party of IL$3,544.20Printing
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Tamara Thomas-Leonatti$1,500.00Raffle prizes
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Manley, Natalie Friends of$2,925.00Printing
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Illinois Farm Bureau PAC$2,527.51Postage & Mailing
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Kevin Cook$5,996.00Campaign Office Rent
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Paul Perona$1,500.00Raffle prizes
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)AFSCME Council 31 PAC$8,925.00Advertising - Social Media
Rep-76Andy Skoog (i) (D)Illinois Farm Bureau PAC$7,486.50Advertising - radio
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$49,373.19Payroll
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)Illinois Republican Party$247,137.00Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$7,463.00Media Buy Expense
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$9,179.10Media Buy
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$71,062.62TV Production
Rep-76Jacob Bramel (R)Minnie Machine Armory$1,349.00Raffle prizes
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)Illinois Republican Party$13,547.00Mail Design, Printing & Postage 10/12/16
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)KEY OUTDOOR ADVERTISING$2,535.00Billboard Advertising
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$1,000.00Intern Program
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)Illinois House Victory Fund$1,649.02Data
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$4,595.00Advertising
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)Illinois Republican Party$27,094.00Mail Design, Printing & Postage 10/4/16
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$19,689.52Printing
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$133,883.50Media Buy Sys 7886 7907
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website Design
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$1,006.45SBE Audit
Rep-76Jerry Long (R)House Republican Organization$18,391.50Production
Rep-77Kathleen Willis (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$6,916.83Printing
Rep-77Kathleen Willis (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-77Kathleen Willis (i) (D)Citizens to Elect Ronald M. Serpico, Sr.$3,967.98Postage
Rep-77Kathleen Willis (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$10,104.26Postage
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Stand for Children, IL PAC$5,523.78Staff time and expenses through 11/8/16
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Democratic Majority$36,803.20Payroll
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Activator Political Involvement Fund$14,874.00Radio ads
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Democratic Majority$11,000.00Polling
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Health Care Council of Illinois PAC$1,350.13Campaign work $900; mileage $212.65 and meals less
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)AFSCME Political Contribution Account$6,140.00GoTV and Election day work
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$91,094.81Printing
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Stand for Children, IL PAC$2,200.77Staff time and expenses
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Democratic Majority$7,310.00Per diem
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)AFSCME Poliltical Contribution Account$8,925.00Social media advertising
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)SEIU Health Care IL IN Pac$1,900.00Canvassing
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$123,739.50Postage
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Illinois AFL-CIO$1,160.00Phone canvass
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Stand for Children, IL PAC$2,139.67Staff time and expenses through 10/22/16
Rep-79Katherine Cloonen (i) (D)Stand for Children, IL PAC$1,639.31Staff time and expenses through 10/29/16
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website Design
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$44,500.00Production
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$2,583.09Payroll: 10-15-16
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$27,041.56Payroll
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$12,227.74Printing
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$7,000.00Intern Program
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)Illinois Republican Party$5,824.82Mail Design
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)Illinois Republican Party$42,711.68Mail Design, Printing & Postage 10/27/16
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)Illinois Republican Party$45,868.00Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$58,650.00Media Buy Sys 1244
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$19,550.00Media Buy Sys1244
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)House Republican Organization$20,612.22Media Buy
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)Jonathan Skarzynski$1,372.49Payroll
Rep-79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)Illinois Republican Party$337,473.00Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-81Greg Hose (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$88,056.68Printing
Rep-81Greg Hose (D)Democratic Majority$6,779.33Payroll
Rep-81Greg Hose (D)Democratic Majority$1,190.00Per Diem
Rep-81Greg Hose (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$104,430.57Postage
Rep-81Greg Hose (D)Democratic Majority$49,500.00Polling
Rep-81Greg Hose (D)U.S. Postmaster$7,981.13Postage
Rep-81Greg Hose (D)Democratic Majority$2,053.51Payroll and Insurance
Rep-81Greg Hose (D)Personal PAC$3,044.95Oter ID calls
Rep-81David Olsen (R)House Republican Organization$8,477.79TV Production
Rep-81Ron Sandack (i) (R)House Republican Organization$27,903.05Printing and Mailing
Rep-81David Olsen (R)House Republican Organization$15,750.94Printing
Rep-81David Olsen (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website design
Rep-81David Olsen (R)Illinois Republican Party$136,580.98Mailing Design & Printing
Rep-81David Olsen (R)House Republican Organization$10,500.00Production
Rep-81David Olsen (R)Illinois Republican Party$29,940.77Mail design & printing
Rep-81David Olsen (R)House Republican Organization$1,178.61Insurance
Rep-81David Olsen (R)Illinois Republican Party$25,779.54Mailing design and printing
Rep-81David Olsen (R)House Republican Organization$1,030.00Intern Program
Rep-81Ron Sandack (i) (R)Illinois House Victory Fund$10,338.92Printing
Rep-81David Olsen (R)House Republican Organization$10,277.80Payroll
Rep-81David Olsen (R)Targeted Creative Communications$10,209.18Mail design & printing
Rep-81David Olsen (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.06Sign printing
Rep-82Jim Durkin (i) (R)Curry & Associates LLC$1,150.05Food for Luncheon
Rep-82Jim Durkin (i) (R)Assoc. Beer Distributors of IL. PAC$1,000.00Food & Beverage for FR
Rep-83Linda Chapa-LaVia (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Campaign software
Rep-84Stephanie Kifowit (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$32,190.82Postage
Rep-84Stephanie Kifowit (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-84Stephanie Kifowit (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,019.63Payroll
Rep-84Stephanie Kifowit (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$26,263.02Printing
Rep-84Mike Strick (R)IL House Republican Organization$6,486.00Postage
Rep-84Mike Strick (R)IL House Republican Organization$15,127.20Printing
Rep-84Mike Strick (R)Illinois Republican Party$11,248.80Printing & Postage
Rep-86Lawrence Walsh (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-87Tim Butler (i) (R)Credit Union PAC$1,475.00Blues suite
Rep-87Tim Butler (i) (R)Court & Karen Conn$1,500.00food & drink
Rep-91Michael Unes (i) (R)REALTORS Political Action Committee$1,792.26Fund raising - food
Rep-92Jehan Gordon-Booth (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-93John Curtis (D)AFSCME Council 31$5,000.00Advertising - radio
Rep-93John Curtis (D)AFSCME Council 31$4,157.70Staff salaries
Rep-93John Curtis (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-93John Curtis (D)Democratic Majority$9,000.00Telephone polling
Rep-93John Curtis (D)SEIU HCII PAC$4,500.00Canvassing
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$8,646.02Insurance
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator$15,500.16Media - radio
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Illinois House Victory Fund$22,277.79Printing
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$50,000.00Media - television
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Illinois Save America's Free Enterprise PAC-NFIB$3,403.00Advertising - radio
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$4,909.70Printing and Payroll
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$38,214.45Staff salaries
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$5,022.00Media - production
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$10,271.15Media - radio
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Brady & Peck LLC$5,665.50Meals & Entertainment
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Magnolia's Catering, Inc$1,215.00Fund raising - food
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)McDonough Cty Repub Central Comm$4,000.00Advertising - newspaper
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$64,215.22Printing
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$7,633.47Mail Design, Printing and Postage
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$4,227.00Advertising - radio
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Web Design
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,625.00Phone bank
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Illinois Political Action Committee for Education$29,361.11Mailing
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$7,633.47Printing, Postage & Mail Design
Rep-93Norine Hammond (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$2,523.73Postage
Rep-94Randy Frese (i) (R)Illinois Farm Bureau$2,184.59Postage and Mailing
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)AFSCME Political Contribution Committee$2,430.00Gotv And Election Day Work
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY$38,500.00Polling
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)Anne Schaeffer$2,607.21Payroll
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$110,747.55Postage
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana PAC$23,707.52Mailing
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)AFSCME Council 31 Political Contribution Committee$8,925.00Advertising -Social Media
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)Frye-Williamson Press$6,510.36Printing
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY$25,744.40Payroll
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)AFSCME Council 31 Political Contribution Committee$9,066.54Staff salary
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY$2,550.00Per Diem
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)US Postmaster$8,116.07Postage
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)Ciara Wagoner$1,264.14Payroll
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$89,239.88Printing
Rep-95Mike Mathis (D)Illinois AFL-CIO$1,400.00Phone Canvas
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)Activator, Illinois Agricultural Assoc. Political Involvement Fund$6,741.97Postage and Mailing Expense
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$26,151.44Mail Design, Printing and Postage
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$5,579.00Mail Design and Printing
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,442.25Insurance-Constant
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$8,971.00Mail Design, Printing, and Postage
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$163,625.00Media buy
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)NFIB-Illinois Safe Trust$3,403.00Advertising - radio
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$7,871.00Production
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$28,819.22Printing
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$3,866.08Printing and Mailing
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$248,371.78Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$9,805.00Media buy expense
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$64,298.64TV Production
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$69,793.89Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$44,254.63Payroll
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$3,077.13Postage
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$4,057.00Media - radio
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$1,009.06Sign Printing
Rep-95Avery Bourne (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website Design
Rep-96Sue Scherer (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-96Sue Scherer (i) (D)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator Political Involvement Fund$1,000.70Postage and mailing
Rep-97Mark Batinick (i) (R)House Republican Organization$12,546.74Printing and Mailing
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)Sangamon County Democratic Central Committee$1,453.00Printing
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana PAC$3,900.00Canvassing
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)AFSCME Illinois Council 31 PAC$8,925.00Advertising
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)Sangamon County Democratic Central Committee$2,530.60Postage
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)Steve Warmowski$2,250.00Contractual
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)AFSCME Council 31 Political Contribution Commitee$8,925.00Advertising
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)Steve Warmowski$2,250.00Photography
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana PAC$16,670.62Mailing
Rep-99Anthony DelGiorno (D)Illinois AFL-CIO$1,496.05Printing
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)Julie Staley$1,800.11Fund raising - food
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,000.00Printing
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR PIF$4,739.37Postage and mailing expense
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,000.00Intern program
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)Friends for Poe$1,500.00Fund raising - food
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$24,194.51Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)House Republican Organization$18,026.00TV production
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,000.00Website
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)House Republican Organization$4,094.00Media WSWT FM
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)House Republican Organization$8,403.36GoTV
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$99,571.70Mail design, printing and postage
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)House Republican Organization$37,230.00Advertising - television
Rep-99Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (i) (R)House Republican Organization$17,614.24Payroll
Rep-100C.D. Davidsmeyer (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$2,925.80Postage
Rep-100C.D. Davidsmeyer (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$5,522.00Maililng Design and Printing
Rep-101Bill Mitchell (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$19,936.46Mailing
Rep-105Dan Brady (i) (R)Julie Curry$2,065.00Host Reception
Rep-106Thomas Bennett (i) (R)M Miner Farms$1,000.00Signs
Rep-110Reginald Phillips (i) (R)House Republican Organization$4,050.00Consulting
Rep-110Reginald Phillips (i) (R)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator$1,409.10Mailing
Rep-110Reginald Phillips (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,653.86Advocacy Calls
Rep-110Reginald Phillips (i) (R)House Republican Organization$6,485.20Media - radio
Rep-110Reginald Phillips (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,000.00Intern Program
Rep-110Reginald Phillips (i) (R)House Republican Organization$94,300.95Printing
Rep-110Reginald Phillips (i) (R)NFIB/Illinois Save America's Free Enterprise Trust$3,403.00Media - radio
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)AFSCME Political Contribution Account$8,925.00Social media advertising
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Activator Illinois Agricultural Association Political Involvement Fund$7,983.25Postage and mailing expense
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Illinois AFL-CIO$1,240.00Phone canvas
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Arrow Signs & Outdoor Advertising$2,850.00Billboard advertising
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)AFSCME Political Contribution Account$1,590.00GoTV and Election day work
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Carpenters Regional Council$10,637.30Stuffing envelopes, delivering flyers and phone ba
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Democratic Majority$11,000.00Polling
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$116,830.00Printing
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,005.05Mileage
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Health Care Council of Illinois PAC$5,292.68Campaign work $4,590; Mileage $630.43; food $72.25
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Democratic Majority$4,845.00Per diem
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC)$1,475.001/2 suite (withABDI) for Blues game
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$155,874.07Postage
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Democratic Majority$33,966.14Payroll
Rep-111Daniel Beiser (i) (D)Carpenters Regional Council$9,250.45Work for Rep. Beiser campaign: stuff envelopes; d
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)Volunteers for Shimkus$1,433.43Mailing
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$1,300.00Rent-Bethalto
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$11,340.00Intern Program
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$1,825.00Online Media Buy
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$57,833.50TV Production
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)Illinois Republican Party$4,203.68Research Consulting
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$27,788.04Payroll
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$158,559.00Media Buy Sys 0318 1511 1690
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$16,423.00Digital Advertising
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$39,639.75SYS 0318 1511 1690
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)Illinois Republican Party$48,745.72Mail Design, Printing & Postage: 10/25/16
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)Curtis Scott Advertising Inc.$1,786.83Printing
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$7,871.00Production
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)Illinois Republican Party$265,533.45Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website Design
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)House Republican Organization$23,653.55Printing
Rep-111Mike Babcock (R)Illinois Republican Party$42,711.68Mail Design, Printing & Postage: 10/27/16
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)SEIU HealthCare IL IN PAC$11,051.73Mailing
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Democratic Majority$2,240.00Per diem
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$117,671.86Postage
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Democratic Majority$19,713.77Payroll
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)AFSCME Illinois Council #31 PAC$2,890.00Volunteers
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Personal PAC$5,839.31Voter ID Calling
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Credit Union PAC$1,877.50Fundraising event
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Sierra Club, IL Chapter PAC$1,480.05Staff salary
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$8,686.98Postaage
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Illinois State AFL-CIO$1,189.91Mailing
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Democratic Majority$47,500.00Polling
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Personal PAC$4,421.15Phone bank
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)ABDI/PAC$1,877.50Fundraising event
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Frye-Williamson Press$9,818.22Printing
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)SEIU HealthCare IL IN PAC$41,040.00Radio
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)AFSCME Illinois Council #31 PAC$8,925.00Social media
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$108,312.40Printing
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Democratic Majority$1,539.48Insurance
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois PAC$1,250.00Fundraising event
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)USPS Post Office$8,704.66Postage
Rep-112Katie Stuart (D)Sierra Club, IL Chapter PAC$5,443.96Salary
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)Chris Bethel$1,643.83Payroll
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$55,875.00TV Production
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$49,711.47Mail Design, Printing, & Postage
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$4,640.00Media KMOX AM
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$16,824.70Media Buy Expense
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)Brady & Peck LLC$7,554.00Fundraising - entertainment
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)NFIB-Illinois Safe Trust$3,403.00Advertising - radio
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$7,871.00Production
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$313,888.24Mail Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$81,812.50Media Buy
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,500.00Website design
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)Illinois House Victory Fund$6,021.63Printing
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR Political Involvement Fund$2,455.98Postage and mailing expense
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$32,673.76Payroll
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$119,334.90Advertising - television
Rep-112Dwight Kay (i) (R)House Republican Organization$82,738.11Printing
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Fairmount Park, Inc.$3,689.24Fundraiser food, beverages & venue
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.$2,243.47Cost of suite and food at Cubs game
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Independent Insurance Agents of IL Pac$1,250.00May 24th Event
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Ameren Illinois PAC$1,056.67Food and refreshments for fundraiser
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$23,894.05Postage
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Council-CUPAC$1,877.50Suite for Tom Petty Concert 5/12/17
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$19,721.40Printing
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Democratic Majority$11,000.00Polling
Rep-113Jay Hoffman (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois PAC$1,877.50Tom Petty Concert-May 12, 2017
Rep-113Katherine Ruocco (R)Illinois House Victory Fund$1,783.54Phone bank
Rep-113Katherine Ruocco (R)Downstate GOP$8,769.07Printing
Rep-113Katherine Ruocco (R)House Republican Organization$2,132.82Printing
Rep-113Katherine Ruocco (R)House Republican Organization$1,000.00Staff salaries
Rep-114Latoya Greenwood (D)Becker, Hoerner, Thompson & Ysursa, P.C.$1,000.00Fundraiser - Beverages
Rep-114Latoya Greenwood (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00VoteBuilder
Rep-114Latoya Greenwood (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$15,415.36Printing
Rep-114Latoya Greenwood (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$15,620.38Postage
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)Democratic Majority$38,500.00Polling
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana PAC$2,800.00Canvassing
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)Democratic Majority$2,465.00Per Diem
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$76,602.10Printing
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)Democratic Majority$23,688.92Payroll
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)I.P.A.C.E.$3,558.63Newspaper ad
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$102,719.81Postage
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana PAC$12,590.25Mail
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)AFSCME Illinois Council 31$8,925.00Social media
Rep-115Marsha Griffin (D)SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana PAC$11,055.35Mailing
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$3,130.82Payroll
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$5,124.66Campaign Staff
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$3,959.27Postage
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$18,129.38Mailing printing & postage
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,579.00Media - radio
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$8,622.51Mailing, Postage,Printing
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)David K & Karen A House$2,000.00Advertising - radio
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,461.02Insurance Eddy
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,461.02Insurance
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$7,871.00Production media TV
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$9,732.99Mailing & Printing
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,800.00Intern program
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,345.00Insurance - Eddy
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$31,979.48Printing
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$26,935.57Mailing Printing Postage
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$22,772.39Staff salaries
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,000.00Campaign Services
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$3,755.00Advertising - radio
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$9,543.00Media - production TV
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$3,987.66Campaign Staff payroll
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$33,143.96TV Production
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,009.06Sign Printing
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$17,364.73Printing, Mailing, Postage
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$8,622.51Mailing Printing & Postage
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)CMS Cobra Administration$3,691.53Insurance
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,345.30Insurance Eddy
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$25,915.98Mailing & printing
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$2,461.32Insurane - Eddy
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,137.00Payroll Intern
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$15,611.01Media - production
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)House Republican Organization$1,137.00Campaign payroll
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$24,902.58Mailing, Design, Printing & Postage
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$17,364.73Mailing, printing & postage
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator$15,005.10Radio Ads
Rep-115Terri Bryant (i) (R)Illinois Republican Party$60,994.68Mailing, printing, Postage
Rep-116Jerry Costello (i) (D)Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois PAC$1,582.50Suite - 4/25/16 Blues vs. Blackhawks game
Rep-116Jerry Costello (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-116Jerry Costello (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Committee$2,950.001/2 suiite (with ABDI) Blues Game and concert
Rep-116Jerry Costello (i) (D)Credit Union Political Action Committee$1,582.501/2 Suite rental for Blues vs Blackhawks playoff g
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Democratic Majority$26,874.47Payroll
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Health Care Council of Illinois PAC$1,082.10Campaign staff
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Democratic Majority$11,000.00Polling
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce PAC$3,200.00Fund raising - food
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$101,227.94Printing
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Democratic Majority$10,081.26Postage
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Democratic Majority$3,570.00Per Diem
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR$11,458.75Radio Ads
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$135,922.38Postage
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)James Reichert FLP$6,300.00Rent - Campaign Office
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)AFSCME Political Contribution Account$8,925.00Social Media Advertising
Rep-117John Bradley (i) (D)US Postmaster$3,166.78Printing
Rep-117David Severin (R)House Republican Organization$38,688.98Staff salaries
Rep-117David Severin (R)Illinois Republic Party$294,746.88Printing
Rep-117David Severin (R)House Republican Organization$109,304.44Media - production
Rep-117David Severin (R)House Republican Organization$2,075.21Postage
Rep-117David Severin (R)House Republican Organization$566,744.41Media - television
Rep-117David Severin (R)Illinois Republic Party$24,259.70Mailing
Rep-117David Severin (R)House Republican Organization$18,503.03Printing
Rep-117David Severin (R)Joseph Hackler$1,472.00Staff salaries
Rep-117David Severin (R)House Republican Organization$6,888.73Signs
Rep-117David Severin (R)James Reichert FLP$4,050.00Headquarters rent
Rep-118Brandon Phelps (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,500.00Votebuilder
Rep-118Brandon Phelps (i) (D)Democratic Majority$13,842.16Payroll
Rep-118Brandon Phelps (i) (D)Illinois Farm Bureau Activator$1,514.33Postage and mailing expense
Rep-118Brandon Phelps (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$48,212.24Printing
Rep-118Brandon Phelps (i) (D)Activator Illinois Farm Bureau$1,513.35Postage and mailing expense
Rep-118Brandon Phelps (i) (D)Democratic Party of Illinois$66,646.35Postage
Rep-118Brandon Phelps (i) (D)Democratic Majority$1,190.00Per diem